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Waterside view with hill of trees changing colors for Autumn.


We envision a future where rural and Appalachian  communities have access to health, wealth, and a  brighter, more beautiful quality of life. 

Sunday Creek Horizons staff Fall 2023.

Sunday Creek Horizons team Fall 2023.

Our mission is to provide rural and Appalachian communities with tools, expertise, and advocacy through which we will collaboratively address our needs, optimize our opportunities, and reach our full potential.


We strongly believe in the boundless potential of our region, and believe that Appalachian communities deserve a permanent seat at the table when resources are allocated in the halls of power. As our firm grows, so does our commitment to social impact investment and authentic engagement.


Government Affairs & Advocacy

Providing effective and authentic engagement with decision makers at the federal, state, and local level.

Business Development

Leveraging the innovative spirit of our team to generate new client leads, effect policy change, and expand siloed business networks.

Informed Support

Assisting our clients in meeting their goals by providing strategic insight and operational capacity, ensuring that “the next step” is always taken.


Working with communities to develop tailored strategies to enhance and lead the way to positive and effective results.

Association Development

Turning ideas into reality by connecting like-minded experts and leading the way to effective results.

Event Management

Planning and executing public and private events for any type of event needed for your organization from conferences to receptions.

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