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Reid Courtney

Project Manager

Reid Courtney

Reid Courtney is a lifelong Appalachian and comes to Sunday Creek Horizons with knowledge of political processes at the local, state, and federal levels of government. 

Born and raised in Carbon Hill, Ohio, Reid’s family is able to trace their lineage back at least six generations in Hocking, Perry, and Athens Counties. Reid travelled to Ashland, Ohio where he received an education from Ashland University as a scholar at the John M. Ashbrook Center for Public Affairs studying ancient and modern political theory and American democracy. After receiving a BA in Politics, History, and Religion in 2019 Reid began his professional life in Columbus at the Ohio Statehouse. Working within the Majority Caucus of the Ohio House of Representatives Reid held several roles including Legislative Fellow and most recently as a Legislative Aide managing the office of a member of that Chamber. Through this work Reid has developed and understanding of the state’s budget allocation process as well as intimate knowledge of the structure and function of many state agencies.

Reid is able to leverage this knowledge to connect clients and community partners with government officials and resources to achieve their goals.

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