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Will Drabold

Vice President

Will Drabold

Will Drabold’s professional life has spanned modern communication, fundraising and capacity building.

Will reported on Capitol Hill and national elections for a fast-paced digital news operation with a millennial readership. He won the top investigative journalism award for U.S. college students. He launched a nonprofit investigative news website via a national crowdfunding campaign, and raised six figures to grow the organization from individuals and foundations. He raised millions of dollars for progressive political operations from wealthy individuals and companies, and has built relationships across the footprint of Appalachian Ohio. He has staffed successful executives, high-profile national speakers and former state and federal politicians.

Will’s career has put him in the position of driving high stakes one-on-one and one-to-many communication, with startup ventures and people’s livelihoods on the line. He is adept at project management, fundraising, strategy development, relationship building and modern mass communication. Will knows how to use communication of all kinds to help clients achieve their goals, particularly those in Appalachian Ohio who face unique challenges to making their message break through. Will lives in Athens, Ohio, where he was born, with his wife and son.

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